What is MUN?

 Model United Nations is all about you, the delegates. By becoming a delegate inn MUN you will be able to debate about topics that make you passionate, all the way from climate change down to women’s rights and even recreate historical crises or make one up completely. It gives you a platform for your ideas to be heard and debated upon furthering a collective understanding of modern contentious issues as well as deepening and broadening your own view and knowledge of the world. It will help you broaden your scope and understand different views around a topic as well as understand the culture around it and deepen your understanding of other cultures around the world, in particular that of the country you will be representing. Model United Nations is about helping you become an important actor in the modern society and contribute to the improvement of the world around us.

When are meetings?

Meetings are held every Wednesday at 6pm on campus. We debate on a different topic every week, and you will have the opportunity to represent a country, and express what their views would be on the international stage. We also attend external conferences giving you the chance to measure your skills against other debaters in the country and even the world.

What kind of topics do we cover?

The Society covers a range of topics, typically voted on by members in advance from an offered selection. Below is just a few examples of what you can expect.

  • The sustainability of palm oil and its effects on local areas.

  • The instability of the Middle East and the effects of interventionism.

  • Is globalisation good for the world economy, or does it only benefit the few?

  • Is media censorship acceptable, or is it only a means to control public opinion?

  • Should the UN add more permanent members to the security council?

  • The effects of illegal immigration on both the original and destination countries

  • The global response to climate change, and how it impacts the population.

  • Combating the threat of small arms deals to developing nations.