Throughout the year, our members regularly travel to other conferences across the UK, and we take great pride in their hard work, as well as the effort they put in to debating against delegates from other universities. Here we recognise their commitment, forever memorialised, through the accolades they have received over the course of their MUN journeys. We hope to add more entries soon!


NottsMUN 2017:

  • Jedidah Hungbeme - Distinguished Delegate

LIMUN 2018:

  • George Glynn - Diplomacy Award



  • Andrew Briddock - Best Delegate

  • Eskarina Iris - Distinguished Delegate

  • Hyland Muirhead - Distinguished Delegate

LeedsMUN 2019:

  • George Glynn - Best Delegate

  • Andrew Briddock - Best Delegate

  • Bruce Campbell-Hood - Best Delegate

  • Huzefa Javed - Distinguished Delegate